Sports Medicine

CASC offers the degree of Associate of Science, Allied Health with Sports Medicine option.   The degree option is designed for those students who wish to pursue a degree in one of the many careers that have involvement in sports medicine.

Carl Albert State College and East Central University have entered into a transfer agreement for those students SM Pictwishing to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at ECU.

Students will complete the first two years of the bachelor’s degree requirements at CASC by completing the Associate of Science in Allied Health, Pre-Sports Medicine option.

In addition to taking regular coursework, the students in the sports medicine curriculum take specialized courses designed to instruct them in the prevention, recognition, and treatment of injuries to CASC’s student-athletes.  Courses include athletic taping instruction, injury assessment and treatment, anatomy, and kinesiology.SM Picture3

Under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist and/or certified athletic trainer, the sports medicine student will attend selected practices and games for CASC athletic programs and a local high school football team for the purpose of gaining direct hands-on experience with the care, prevention, and treatment of athletic injuries.

Pre-Sports Medicine Course Sequence

Pre-Sports Medicine Course Sequence (PDF document)

First Year – Freshman


Credit Hours  


Credit Hours
ENGL 1113 Freshman Comp I 3 ZOO 2124 Human Anatomy 4
ZOO 1114 Gen. Zoology 4 HPER 2103 Care & Prevent Ath Inj 3
HPER 2213 First Aid 3 ENGL 1213 Freshman Comp II 3
AHS 2113 Prev Tech in AT 3 PHTA 1203 Applied A&P 3
MATH 1513 College Algebra 3 CS 1103 Microcomputer Apps 3
ORI 1111 Fresh Orientation 1
Total CrH Fall
Total CrH Spring

Second Year- Sophomore


Credit Hours


Credit Hours
CHEM 1115 Gen Chemistry I 5 ZOO 2114 Human Physiology 4
PHTA 2363 Kinesiology 3 AHS 1203 Nutrition 3
PSY 1113 Intro to Psych 3 POS 1113 American Fed. Gov 3
HIST 1483 -or-
American History 3 Humanities Elective 3
AHS 1113 Medical Terminology 3 Humanities Elective 3
Total CrH Fall
Total CrH Spring

                                                                                                                                                                            Total Degree Hours = 66

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Careers in Sports Medicine

Below are some of the many careers in Sports Medicine

Athletic trainer

Physical therapist

Physical Therapist Assistant


Occupational therapist


Personal Trainer


Exercise physiologist



Physician Assistant

Nurse Practitioner

Sports Psychologist

Registered Nurse

Occupational Therapist Assistant

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For more information contact:

Bill Carroll, PT
Director of Sports Medicine