#ExploreCA: 8 Week Courses

Welcome to #ExploreCA

Wondered what it would be like to take a course at CASC’s Virtual Campus? Wanted to get back into the swing of your education, but weren’t sure where to start? Here’s your solution: Explore Carl Albert is an opportunity for Special Non-Degree Seeking Students* like you to enroll in one or two second eight week courses online to start (or continue!) your college education. Think of it like a short-term commitment with long-term benefits: the eight week courses are standard CASC courses that transfer easily, have no prerequisites, and fulfill common general education requirements. You can experience the same quality and rigor of our traditional classes, just in a shorter time frame. Current students are encouraged to speak with their advisor.

Who knows, you might just find exactly what you’re looking for here at CASC’s Virtual Campus.

Classes Start October 6, 2016
Classes End December 9, 2016


The average cost per three hour course is just under $450.00, plus books and supplies. Please note that the courses are not eligible for financial aid for special non-degree seeking students. Payment is due prior to the first day of class. Students can arrange payment through our “VikeConnect student portal” or by contacting the CASC business office at 918-647-1325.


Lets you complete a 16 week course in just 8 weeks, and avoid life disruptions!
Allows you to explore Carl Albert courses and see the great fit we are for YOU to complete YOUR degree!

What Courses are Offered?

Fall Second Eight Week:

ART 2123 Art History Survey II (Art History Survey I, is not required)
BIO 1114 General Biology –closed
CS 1103 Microcomputer Applications
HPER 1113 Personal Health and Wellness
POS 1113 American Federal Government
RLED 1123 New Testament
SOC 1113 Introduction to Sociology

Students are eligible to enroll in up to SIX hours, during an 8 week term.

Get Started!

1. Contact Sarah Brown, Coordinator for the virtual Campus, at 918-647-1471 or sbrown@carlalbert.edu
2. Make Application as a Special Non-Degree Seeking Student, Click Here
3. Wait for email from Sarah Brown
4. Enroll with Sarah Brown
5. Start Class on March 7th!!!

For complete information concerning online education, please visit our VIRTUAL CAMPUS page.

*Students who wish to enroll in courses without intending to pursue a degree may be permitted to enroll in no more than nine credit hours without submitting academic credentials or meeting the academic curricular or performance requirements of the institution of desired entry. Retention standards and course prerequisites will be enforced. Once a student has completed the designated number of hours, the student is required to meet the formal admission or transfer criteria for the institution of desired entry in order to enroll in additional course work.