Graduation & Transfer

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“May this be the first of many accomplishments….” 

As you approach graduation, the college understands that you have worked hard to achieve this distinction in your academic career. We applaud your academic and personal achieve and recognize the contributions your families have made to support your goals. It is an honor to have you step through our doors and hope that this is the first of many accomplishments you celebrate in your life.

So, begin the graduation process by submitting an Graduation Application. You will be contacted by the Registrar who reviews the application and awards the degree, and from the Graduation Committee who will invite you to participate in Commencement held in May.

Application for Graduation

Students should apply for graduation in the semester in which they intend to complete degree requirements. Application for Graduation may be printed and returned to the Office of Admissions by mail, fax, or in-person. CASC does not access a fee for graduation. Students may contact the Registrar Dee Ann Dickerson at 918-647-1307 voice (Poteau campus) or Gina Risley at 918-775-6977 (Sallisaw campus) who works with the Registrar and will help file your Application for Graduation.

Once the Application for Graduation is submitted, the Registrar will email approval (or denial) to the student’s CASC Email, as well as other notices concerning Commencement and diploma mailing. (Unfortunately, emails sent to a student’s personal email accounts involving Yahoo and AOL have proven “undeliverable”; so, check the CASC Email).
[ download:  Graduation Application ]


April 1   (Spring Graduation & Commencement)      July 1 (Summer Graduation)    November 1 (Fall Graduation)


Graduation “Rap” Video ]

Commencement is the annual ceremony during which recognition is given to students who have or will complete their degree in the current academic year. Student may choose to participate in either a morning or afternoon ceremony, but, are required to schedule their choice using either VIKECONNECT course scheduling or by phone registration according to the Instructions below.

Date and Time:  Saturday, May 12, 2018
…Morning COMMENCEMENT at 10:00 a.m.  [course: GRAD1718 10am Graduation]
…Afternoon COMMENCEMENT at 1:00 p.m.  [course: GRAD1718 01pm Graduation]

Location:  Commencement will be held in the CASC Hamilton Auditorium on the Poteau campus.

Instructions:  Graduate candidates are asked to reserve their seat at Commencement by using their VIKECONNECT account to enroll into the either the 10:00 am. or 1:00 p.m. Commencement times. Students experiencing issues using VIKECONECT to register for either Commencement times may telephone the Office of Admissions at 918-647-1301 or 1309 to register by phone. There is no charge to add GRAD1718 10am Graduation or GRAD1718 01pm Graduation to your spring 2018 course schedule.

Seating:  Candidates are asked to limit the number of guests to 5.

Candidate Check-in:  Candidates are asked to check-in at the registration desk located in the Hamilton Auditorium lobby with cap and gown, and pick up name cards. Candidates will then be directed to gathering area for processional line up.

Rehearsal:  Rehearsal for Commencement will be Friday, May 11, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. in the Hamilton Auditorium. If you will be attending the Saturday, May 12th Commencement, please make plans to attend rehearsal on Friday. You are not required to wear cap & gown to rehearsal.

Special Needs:  Any special needs for the Commencement ceremony should be addressed to Mr. Bill Gann before rehearsal to allow for accommodations. (contact Mr. Gann at 918-647-1215)

Questions?  Students may contact the Commencement Committee Chairman Bill Gann at 918-647-1215,, or in person at the FL Holton Business Center on the Poteau campus for questions concerning Commencement ceremony and practice.

Cap and Gown:  Cap, gowns, invitations, and other graduation items may be bought or ordered through the Viking Bookstore at the Poteau or Sallisaw campus locations.

Viking Bookstore: Poteau Campus: 918-647-1390 . . . . . Sallisaw Campus : 918-775-2212

Honor Cords: Academic achievements are recognized as honor distinctions noted on the diploma and identified at commencement. Honors are awarded to students based on the cumulative Retention/Graduation GPA which excludes all zero-level, forgiven, and activity based coursework. Academic Honor cords may be purchased from the Bookstore. Your name and Honor designation will be given to the Bookstore by the Registrar’s Office based on the following Retention/Graduation GPA levels.

Highest Honors:  3.75 to 4.00. . . . High Honors:  3.50 to 3.74. . . . . Honors:  3.25 to 3.49

PTK Cords: Phi Theta Kappa members may purchase separate PTK Honors cords from the PTK sponsor.  Student should contact Ms. Annette Staats at 918-647-1398 and visit with her in person in the Office of Educational Talent Search, Ollie Center Room 1202.

Military/Veteran Honor Cords: Commencement will honor graduates who are active duty or veterans and, in recognition of their military service to the United States of America, and invite them to wear a special red, white, and blue Military Honor Cord during the Commencement ceremony. These specials cords will be provided at no cost to the graduate. If you are not on record as currently receiving VA Educational Benefits with CASC, then please show a copy of your DD-214 or valid military ID Card.  Students who are graduating and participating in Commencement may receive their cords during the week of commencement from the VA Coordinator Dee Ann Dickerson at 918-647-1300, located in Hemphill Hall on the Poteau campus.


Diplomas are professionally printed off-campus and documents the student’s degree and date of conferral, and typically available for pick up in the Office of Admissions 4-6 weeks after the term ends or mailed if not picked up.

Notification: Graduates are notified by personal and college email when diplomas are available to pick-up.

Business Office Accounts Hold: All graduates must have their account balance clear to receive official transcripts and the diploma. The Office of Admissions will notify graduates at the conclusion of the term if a balance remains and if their diploma will be held. Students may check their VIKECONNECT account or contact the Cashier at 918-647-1325 for questions.

Reorder Lost or Destroyed Diploma

Students may reorder a diploma for a fee of $40.00. Diplomas are professionally printed off-campus and all reprint orders are included with the summer, fall, or spring graduation diploma orders. A student’s name, degree, and date of conferral are confirmed prior to order.  [Diploma Reprint Application (1718)]

Awarding Degree from CASC

Carl Albert State College offers the associates of art, associates of science, associates of applied science, or certificate degree programs. Degree plans are published in the college catalog and found online under Academics.

Students must complete all courses specified in the major and general education components, and earn a minimum 2.00 GPA. A minimum of 15 credit hours must be completed in residence at CASC to earn the associate degree. Degrees may be awarded in accordance to published catalog degree plans and that are in effect at time of entry or re-entry. All program requirements will remain in effect for as long as enrollment is uninterrupted (except summer term). The diploma reflects the degree or certificate award and major program of study.

Transfer of Credits

Equivalencies: Students must provide official transcripts from all colleges previously attended. Transferability will be based on institution’s regional accreditation and whether coursework is comparable to those found in CASC catalog and attributable to the CASC published degree plan. Transfer credits from Oklahoma colleges under the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (as well as some private institutions) will be equated according to published transfer guides, as sponsored by the OSRHE’s Course Equivalency Tables or from transfer institution. Course descriptions will guide transferability for some courses completed at out of state colleges having regional accreditation or not specified in published transfer guides.

Minimum Resident Cr-Hr Requirement: Transfer students must meet the CASC degree requirements and earn a minimum of 15 credit hours in residence with CASC to receive an associate degree from Carl Albert State College. Final degree checks should be addressed to the Office of Admissions at 918-647-1300.

Transfer Guides: Below are helpful transfer guides that aid in determining coursework transferability:

. . . . Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (Course Equivalency Tables)
. . . . University of Oklahoma
. . . . Oklahoma State University
. . . . University of Central Oklahoma (multi-state guide)
. . . . University of Arkansas at Fort Smith
. . . . Northeastern State University (General Education equivalency guide)

Regional Accrediting Bodies: Courses completed at an institution of higher education accredited by one of the following regional accrediting agencies may be evaluated for transfer credit:

–New England Association of Schools and Colleges
–Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
–Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association
–Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
–Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
–Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Second Associate Degrees

A second associate’s degree may be earned when:

(1) An additional, minimum 15 credit hours are completed above the first degree (typically, the core coursework)
(2) Courses attributed to award of the second degree are unduplicated in previous degree
(3) All COURSES REQUIRED IN THE MAJOR are successfully completed (i.e. core coursework)
(4) Overall Retention/Graduation GPA of 2.00 is earned

“Reverse Transfer” Initiative

Students who are attending a four-year college in Oklahoma and have completed a minimum of 15 credit hours with CASC may be eligible to earn their associates degree from Carl Albert State College through the Reverse Transfer initiative.

In support of Oklahoma’s participation in the COMPLETE COLLEGE AMERICA efforts, CASC is working in cooperation with other Oklahoma colleges/universities to increase the number of college graduates. The baccalaureate degree granting colleges/universities in Oklahoma are identifying who of their current student enrollment have attended CASC previously and transferred to their institution without completing an associate’s degree. The baccalaureate degree granting colleges/universities is then encouraging students to transfer the credits back to CASC for degree audit, and possible award of the associate’s degree.

Students may contact the Registrar Dee Ann Dickerson at 918-647-1300 voice, 918-647-1306 fax,, or at Hemphill Hall, Poteau campus.    [ Graduation Application Graduation Application (1718)]

Prior Learning Credit

College credit may be awarded by methods outside the traditional classroom environment through Prior Learning Assessments (PLA). This type of extrainstitutional learning includes standardized examinations, departmental challenge examinations, ACE credit evaluations, and limited portfolio development evaluations. CASC awards credit on a course-by-course basis using the following acceptable methods:

      1. Advanced Placement (AP)     –         click here for AP Table
      2. College Level Examination (CLEP)  –   click here for  CLEP Table
      3. International Baccalaureate Organization Diploma Program (IB)  –  click here for IB Table
      4. Joint Services Transcript (JST) — military education evaluations
      5. DANTES/DSSTs Examinations —  click here for DANTES (DSST Exams)
      6. American Council on Education (ACE) registry transcripts
      7. Departmental Challenge Examinations
      8. Vocational Education

The following principles are used when awarding PLA credits and recording it to the CASC transcript.

–Student must be enrolled or eligible to re-enroll at CASC.
–PLA credit is posted to the transcript after completion of 12 credit hours with CASC.
–College credit awarded for extrainstitutional learning may be applied to a degree program.
–PLA credit for extrainstitutional learning from another state college will be transferred on the same basis to CASC.
–Neither the ACT nor SAT will be used to award credit.
–Exam scores must meet or exceed the minimum cutoff scores before credit is awarded.
–A total of 30 credit hours may be earned by PLA credit awards.
–Official test results or transcripts are acceptable documentation to award credit.-College credit will be awarded by –CASC for courses and programs approved at CASC, listing Course title, number, and credit hours assigned according to college catalog listing, letter grade of “P” will be awarded, number of credit hours may not exceed recommendation by awarding body, and all PLA credits will be posted at the beginning of the CASC transcript with the testing tool and CASC course equivalent identified.

CASC Academic Programs

CASC’s associate of arts and science degrees are designed for transfer to the four-year college or university, and provides the lower division coursework of a baccalaureate degree. The applied science degrees are designed for immediate employment opportunities upon program completion. The certificate recognizes proficiency levels for the employed. Students may select from the following academic programs and certificates and earn the academic credential during graduation/commencement.               [ click here to view Degree Program check-lists ]

Associate of Arts and Sciences

    • -Allied Health – Associate of Science (032)
      -Biological and Pre-Professional Science – Associate of Science (031)
      -Business Administration – Associate of Arts (006)
      -Child Development – Associate of Arts (055)
      -Computer Information Systems – Associate of Arts (060)
      -General Studies – Associate of Arts (039)
      -Health, Physical Education & Recreation – Associate of Arts (016)
      -Mathematics, Physical Science, and Pre-Engineering – Associate of Science (029)
      -Pre-Elementary Education – Associate of Arts (013)
      -Pre-Law Criminal Justice – Associate of Arts (030)
      -Social Science – Associate of Arts (036)
      -Sociology/Psychology – Associate of Arts (037)
      -Enterprise Development – Associate of Arts (675)
      -Enterprise Development – Associate of Science (676)

Associate of Applied Science

    • -Applied Technology – Associate of Applied Science (056)
      -Child Development – Associate of Applied Sciences (012)
      -Computer Technology – Associate of Applied Science (040)
      -Nursing – Associate of Applied Science (041)
      -Occupational Health and Safety – Associate of Applied Science (107)
      -Physical Therapist Assistant – Associate of Applied Science (051)


    • -Child Development – Certificate (048)
      -Child Development/Director’s Certificate – Certificate (065)
      -Child Development Infant Toddler – Certificate (066)
      -Physical Therapist Aide – Certificate (067)

CASC Academic Programs – Approved for Online Completion

The following academic programs and Certificates are also approved for online completion.

  1. Business Administration- Associate in Arts (006)
  2. Child Development- Associate in Arts (055)
  3. Child Development-Associate of Applied Science (012)
  4. Child Development-Certificate (048)
  5. Child Development/Director’s Certificate – Certificate (065)
  6. Child Development Infant Toddler – Certificate (066)
  7. Computer Technology-Associate of Applied Science (040)
  8. General Studies- Associate in Arts (039)
  9. Healthcare Information Technology – Associate of Applied Science (159|Suspended)
  10. Occupational Health and Safety – Associate of Applied Science (107)
  11. Social Science- Associate in Arts (036)
  12. Sociology/Psychology- Associate in Arts (037)
  13. Enterprise Development – Associate in Arts (675)
  14. Enterprise Development – Associate of Science (676)