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Crime victims, regardless how seemingly insignificant the crime, are encouraged to report any criminal incident to the CASC Campus Police Department in Hamilton Complex, Room 309 (Poteau) or the CASC Campus Police Department in the Mayo Center, SC8007 (Sallisaw).

In Poteau, you may also report a crime by the Director of Campus Police, Chad Brown at 918.647.1375 or via email at cbrown@carlalbert.edu for crime reports, questions concerning crime; or report the concern to the Office of Student Life in Hemphill Hall.


CASC Campus Police, Poteau918.647.1400
Poteau Police918.647.8620
CASC Campus Police, Sallisaw918.413.3383
CASC Campus Police, SallisawExt. 2251
Fire Department911


Registered Sex Offender/s:


Q:  Where can I find the statistics for the Crime Rate at CASC? 
  The report is published by the Office of Student Affairs and is available through that office, phone number 647-1371.  You may also view them on this web site by clicking the crime statistics link above in the Clery Report.

Q:  What type of safety programs do you offer?
A:  We offer Crime Prevention/Safety Awareness programs and Sexual Assault Prevention programs.

Q:  How many officers do you have?
  We have 3 full time certified police officers.  On weekend we hire off duty Poteau Police Officers to provide protection to visitors and residents.

Q:  What is your authority and jurisdiction?
Campus police officers are granted authority and jurisdiction pursuant to Oklahoma Statute Title 74, Section 360.17.  Campus officers are commissioned by the Board of Regent and must be certified in accordance with Title 70 Section 3311.  Campus police officers have the same powers, liabilities, and immunities as sheriffs or police officers within their jurisdiction.

Q:  How can Carl Albert State College be a safer place?
  A safer campus begins with you.  Think!

Q: Does CASC have a 911 system? 
Yes.  All Poteau exchange numbers are tied into the Poteau 911 system.  All 911 calls originating on campus land lines are received by the Poteau Police Department Communication Center. 911 calls originating from cellular phones are received by Leflore County 911 system and then dispatched to the appropriate agency (i.e. Poteau Police Department or CASC Campus Police).  The CASC Campus Police would then be dispatched to the location of the 911 call.

Q:  How do I get a copy of a police report?
Generally reports are available the following business day, after preparation and in-house review.  You may request a copy be faxed or mailed, also, be calling the administrative office at 647-1400 during normal business hours.

Q:  Where is the campus police office located?
A:  The police office is located in HC 309.  It is not staffed 24 hours a day, so it may be necessary to call the Poteau Police Department to have them dispatch an officer to meet you.  You may also contact us through the Office of Student Affairs, located in Hemphill Hall.