Carl Albert State College Looking at Changes for Fall 2015 in Existing and New Programs

CASC Looking at Changes for Fall 2015 in Existing and New Programs

 Carl Albert State College has several changes pending on the horizon for Fall of 2015 including areas of new growth in both existing and new programs.

The CASC nursing program will be adding 20 additional spaces in the RN program with ten in Poteau and ten in Sallisaw.  This will allow for an increase in nurses available in the region in this ever-growing career field.  Abbie Bailey, Director of Nursing, stated that the College currently has 144 students enrolled in the RN program and a large number waiting to be accepted each year.

With regard to new programs, pending state approval the College plans to add an associate degree in Health Information Technology and also one in Occupational Health & Safety Technology.  More information about these degrees and career opportunities associated with them will be released in the near future.

Another new opportunity for Carl Albert State College graduates is the partnership with Northeastern State University. This will allow students to earn their associate’s degree at CASC and then pursue a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Elementary Education or a Bachelor of Science in Education – Special Education – Mild/Moderate Disorders at NSU.  Students will be able to take their courses online and/or at the Poteau and Sallisaw campuses of CASC for NSU’s bachelor’s program.

For many students, there is a need to work while attending college.  For some, they live so far away that commuting is out of the question.  Because of these situations and others, Carl Albert State College is building up its Virtual Campus.  With online course delivery, students will be able to take advantage of online classes and programs more than ever before at CASC.

President Garry M. Ivey stated, “Many of our students want to graduate with us and then transfer to a university to further their education.  However, one of our goals is to also help those students wanting to graduate and go straight to the workforce. Data and surveys show that the plans we are implementing for new and expanded programs will help serve this purpose.”

On another note, a recent decision to discontinue the Radiologic Technology program at Carl Albert was not an easy one.  President Ivey stated, “Sometimes decisions have to be made in the best interest of the College.  We are proud of our many successful graduates from our RADT program.  Our faculty and staff have done a great job getting students trained and in the work force.”  President Ivey went on to say, “The leadership of Dr. Linda Pearson and Midge Blue over the years has been outstanding.  These two individuals always put their students’ success first on the priority list. With both planning to retire, they have stated their willingness to stay on board to make sure all current RADT students complete the program without interruptions.  Dr. Pearson and Ms. Blue have built strong relationships with students, clinical sites, and other professionals throughout their years of service. Their dedication and commitment to the program and to Carl Albert State College is appreciated.”


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