CASC and Cameron Public Schools Sign Agreement on Basketball Facilities Plan

On August 23, 2018, Carl Albert State College and Cameron Public Schools officially signed their agreement on Cameron’s use of the CASC Mick Thompson Gym for the 2018-2019 basketball season.

Due to a fire last year, the school’s athletes were without facilities for basketball.  Through this agreement, CASC President Jay Falkner, CASC Athletic Director Randy Graves, and the CASC Regents are welcoming Cameron athletes to the CASC Poteau campus for the upcoming season of games and practices.

Falkner and Graves joined Cameron’s Superintendent John Long and Cameron Athletic Director  Roger Hoffman, in signing the agreement.

Carl Albert State College is a community college; what better way to be there for the community than open our doors in a time of need, said Falkner.

“Our gym is a quality facility, and we look forward to being ‘home’ for the Cameron Yellowjackets throughout their basketball season. The Memorandum of Understanding states the details of the agreement, but basically the bottom line is Cameron has a guaranteed place to practice and play their games.” Falkner concluded, “It is part of who we are at Carl Albert State College.  We want to be good partners with the community and the region, and we see this agreement as a way to help one of our partners.”

Superintendent Long stated appreciation on behalf of Cameron that Carl Albert State College is allowing the Cameron basketball teams to call CASC ‘home’ this season.

“Being able to use the CASC facilities, after we lost our high school gymnasium to a fire last year, has kept our students in a normal routine as they continue on with their education and extra curricular activities,” Long said. “I want to thank everyone who has made this happen for our students.”

He also mentioned that he hoped to have good crowds at the games, and that senior citizens are able to attend games for free. Within the agreement, CASC students and employees will also be allowed free admission with a current CASC I.D.



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