CASC Blood Drive – Making a Difference


 Carl Albert State College hosted a two day blood drive October 24th and 25th, and according to CASC’s Melissa Steele, 77 people donated to the Oklahoma Blood Institute.   Steele stated, “This was the most donations at one of our blood drives on campus since 2012.  We really appreciated the support, and look forward to another great crowd at our next blood drive on campus scheduled for some time in January.”

Greg Womack, account consultant with Oklahoma Blood Institute, praised the immense turnout at Carl Albert.  “I think there were only one or two other times when a drive at CASC had this many people volunteer to donate blood.   We actually had over 100 caring people step up to help, with 77 eligible to donate.”  Womack continued, “Congratulations to everyone at Carl Albert who helped make this possible, and of course the donors.  We could not carry on this mission without community partners like CASC.”

CASC President Jay Falkner stated his appreciation as well.  “I appreciate Melissa and all the others at CASC who assisted the Blood Institute while at our campus.  Greg (Womack) shared with me that 161 hospitals across our area benefit from local blood drives.  I am proud that we are helping make a difference.”


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