CASC Celebrates Native American Heritage Month

Carl Albert State College celebrated Native American Heritage throughout the month of November through a host of culturally rich activities for CASC students, faculty, staff and members of the community to participate in. The events were coordinated and planned through a joint collaboration between the CASC NASNTI Program, Choctaw Nation, and Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

Events included:

  • Guest Speaker Edward Hummingbird, a Cherokee tribal member from Oklahoma who spoke on the diffusion of Native knowledge into American mainstream outlets as well as Native American values, beliefs, and convictions;
  • Lil Mike & Funny Bone, Native American rappers and motivational speakers who performed a selection of their songs that were also featured on the 8th season of America’s Got Talent. The group also touched on the obstacles they have faced as Native American rappers and how they overcame those challenges;
  • Choctaw Cultural Day, the Choctaw Nation Cultural Department held a hands-on event to teach students and the community beading, basket weaving, and stickball stick making. The group also displayed a traditional weapons display.
  • Cherokee Cultural Day, the Cherokee Heritage Center held a hands-on event to teach students and the community how to use a blow gun, play stickball, and marbles. Also, Cherokee Storyteller Robert Lewis entertained and educated students as he told traditional stories;
  • Photographs by Pierre Tartoue, the CASC Library hosted a month-long exhibit featuring a collection of photos titled “Family Album,” that showcased photographs from the past and signaled how far Native Americans have come throughout the years. Tartoue commented, on rare occasions photographs give us more than distant evidence and actually let us participate in our history. They have the distinct ability to remind us of not only who we were, but also who we continue to be.

“My goal for all the events is for CASC students to learn about Native American cultural,” said Micky Solomon, CASC NASNTI Director. “Also, for the knowledge gained from these events to be expressed in an essay for classes in the Fine Arts, History, and Psychology classes. I am excited to see this goal being met this year thanks to our innovative staff!



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