CASC Occupational Health and Safety Class Field Trip to Mitchell Rentals


Members of the Carl Albert State College Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) class recently took a field trip to Mitchell Rentals in Poteau.  According to CASC OHS program director Kristi McConnell, the students received onsite training to go along with the information they are learning in class.  “This was a great hands-on experience for our students.  It is exciting for students to apply what they are learning in the classroom to the real world.”

CASC student Rob Gillespie explained, “This was a memorable and highly educational experience for those of us in the OHS program.   We were able to experience firsthand what we are being taught in class.”   Another CASC student, Jennifer Davidson, shared, “We were able to learn about risk factors of using heavy equipment improperly. Some of us had a chance to apply personal fall equipment and be lifted 85 feet in the air via Genie boom. One student demonstrated on two different pieces of heavy equipment how important it is to have knowledge of machinery that we might come into contact with on jobsites.”

CASC student Alexandria Rolf expressed appreciation for the opportunities provided on the field trip.  “Our trip to Mitchell Rentals was an awesome learning experience for our safety class. The employees were knowledgeable about their equipment, and allowed us to gain hands-on experience with heavy machinery. Along with that, they offered great tips and advice when dealing with various equipment.”

McConnell concluded, “Students seem to be enjoying the OHS program at CASC.  This is a very hands-on degree experience, and many students thrive in this learning environment.  In addition, the students are aware that job opportunities are going to be available upon completion of their degree at CASC, or they can transfer and pursue additional degrees if they want to continue their education path.”

For details about the OHS degree at CASC, contact McConnell at 918-647-1457 or


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