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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I will do well in an online course?
Generally speaking, students who are motivated, can self-start their own learning, and can discipline themselves to schedule their time and complete their work are the students who have the most success at online learning.  Students who communicate regularly with their instructor and log into class daily get the most out of their online course.

How do I access my online course?
You may access your courses through Blackboard. You can get to Blackboard through our Virtual Campus, through VikeConnect, or by going to web. in your web browser. To log in, you will need the same username and password you use for VikeConnect.

If you haven’t set up VikeConnect yet, go to the CASC website and click on “VikeConnect”. Use the “Reset Password” button to set up your password. Your username is assigned to you from CASC (it’s the information before the “@” sign in your CASC email address). Give Blackboard a couple hours to update this information before you try and log in.

Do I have to be an expert at computer and internet skills to take an online course?
No, you don’t have to be a computer genius, but you do need to be comfortable at a computer, word processing, and at navigating around the internet.

What technology do I need?
A stable and reliable internet connection, whether at home, work or at a public place like a library or coffeeshop, is the most important tool you could have for an online course. Aside from this, you will need the following equipment: a computer (laptop or desktop), a USB drive (to save and transport your work), and a webcam for online testing.

The software that should be on your computer is:
*Internet Browser – Google Chrome
*Word Processing – Microsoft Word or OpenOffice
*Document Viewing – Adobe Reader
All of this software (except for Microsoft Word) can be downloaded and installed for free from the Internet.

* Current CASC students are eligible to receive a free download of Microsoft Office 365, which includes Word. Contact IT for details.

What computer skills do I need to know to participate in an online course?
Each student must be able to:
*Navigate the Internet with a web browser. Google Chrome is the preferred browser for online courses.
*Use email and send attachments.
*Download and install software and updates as needed.

What if I am a transient student?
Special Non-Degree Seeking:
Student Students who wish to enroll in courses without intending to pursue a degree may be permitted to enroll in no more than nine credit hours without submitting academic credentials or meeting the academic curricular or performance requirements of the institution of desired entry. Retention standards and course prerequisites will be enforced. Once a student has completed the designated number of hours, the student is required to meet the formal admission or transfer criteria for the institution of desired entry in order to enroll in additional course work.