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All of CASC’s general education required courses are offered online. These are entry-level, accessible courses that also have a high-transfer rate to other institutions. The courses are listed below:

English Composition: Freshman Composition I and II
US History: American History 1492-1865 and 1865-present
US Government: American Federal Government
Orientation: Freshman Orientation
Biological Science: Biology (with lab*), Zoology (with lab*)
Physical Science: General Physical Science (with lab*) (proctored tests)
Math: College Algebra, Survey of Contemporary Math (proctored tests)
Health/Physical Education/Recreation: Personal Health and Wellness, various others
Humanities: General Humanities I and II, Art Appreciation, Early Western Civilization, Introduction to Literature, Masterpieces of World Literature 1 and 2, Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, etc.

Schedule changes happen from time to time. For up-to-date individual course offerings for this semester, please email the Coordinator of CASC ONLINE, or access the current course schedule located under Academics.

*Some labs are completely online, but some require either attendance on campus for the lab, or mailing assignments, etc. to complete the requirements. Make sure the course and lab you choose fits with your needs. Contact the Coordinator for the Virtual Campus if you have questions.

Interested in earning your Associates degree from Carl Albert State College and then transferring to a University to complete a Bachelors degree?  

Explore our transfer guides or visit with one of our advisors to find out how our courses will transfer, and how we can better assist you in achieving your educational goals.