CASC Students Learn About Potential Careers in Forestry

On April 19, 2018, Carl Albert State College’s Student Support Services staff traveled with 14 CASC students to Broken Bow, Okla. to tour the Weyerhaeuser Company and the U.S. Forest Services.

There, the students had the opportunity to visit with forestry personnel about future career possibilities. Students learned about an industry that many had not ever considered as a future career.

The tour included stops at various Weyerhaeuser Silviculture sites; silviculture sites are active sites. Some of the sites were in the prepping process, others in active ground fertilization and others were active harvest sites. Students were taught that all trees are planted by hand due to the terrain in Oklahoma.

Lunch was provided to the staff and students as they stopped to rest at the Mountain Fork River before they completed the tour with the U.S. Forestry Service.

The students learned about the objectives held by the U.S. Forestry Service and what was required of them by the Multiple Use Mandate; this mandate requires service members to focus on timber, water, recreation, range and wildlife.

A degree in forestry is a great option for students who are interested in living in Southeastern Oklahoma. Students were informed that often, forestry careers are available with no applicants. Officials encouraged interested CASC students to apply for internships through their Pathways Program or the Recent Graduate Program.

For more information, contact Kim Hughes, Student Support Services Coordinator for CASC, at 918-647-1366 or email her at


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