CASC Students Showcase Talent for Local Students

On May 7, the Carl Albert State College Acting I & II classes traveled to Shady Point Elementary and Middle Schools to perform for students and faculty members as their final project for the courses.

The students performed a variety of original skits and reenacted scenes from popular films. Included were three short plays, a few from Monty Python and the Holy Grail and other original materials.

“I am incredibly proud of my students,” said Shawna Blake, CASC Fine Arts Instructor. “They did a phenomenal job entertaining the kids, everyone really seemed to enjoy the performance — including the teachers!”

Class Photo: (back row, left to right) : Melissa Clark, Stephanie Fisher, Seth Hill, Larissa Deaton, Wayne Wedge, Lexia Bennet, Michael Owens (front row, left to right): Sarah Clarity, Kayley Sockey, Logan Deaton, Jami Robertson, Kayle Huckaby, Chaz Holt.


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