Choctaw Nation Partners with CASC NASNTI for Tutor Training

Carl Albert State College NASNTI organization partnered with the Choctaw Nation Freshman Year Initiative to host a Tutor Training event in the Native American Center on May 4, 2018.

This tutor training was one of a kind because it was geared towards Native American Students and the unique challenges that they often face, said Regan Huff, CASC NASNTI Coaching Coordinator.

Terry Ashby, Director of Leadership and Talent Development for Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, presented a hands on learning experience for everyone who attended the training. Following the training, each attendee was invited to attend a luncheon provided by the Choctaw Nation in their facilities on the CASC campus.

For NASNTI tutors who were unable to attend, a power point presentation of the seminar is available for you in the NASNTI Center.

“Katie Herr, of the Choctaw Nation Freshman Year Initiative, cannot be thanked enough for booking such an amazing speaker for this event,” said Huff.

Those in attendance were: Brad Davis – NASNTI Technology Specialist, Regan Huff – NASNTI Coaching Coordinator, Micky Solomon – NASNTI Project Director, Susan Hill – CASC Instructor/Tutor, Melissa Juarez – Choctaw Nation College FYI at EOSC, Cali Baughman – EOSC Tutor, Beth Kruetzer – EOSC Pathways, Casey Reinhardt – EOSC SSS, David Billy – Choctaw Nation Career Development, Lindsey Henry – Choctaw Nation College FYI at SOSU, Jamie Irwin – Director of College FYI, and Katie Herr – Choctaw Nation College FYI at CASC.

 Pictured is Guest Speaker: Terry Ashby, M.ED – Director of Leadership & Talent Development Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. 



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