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Students entering college for the first-time  and have earned 6 college credit hours or less after high school graduations (excluding any courses completed as concurrent student) are called freshman. The typical first-time entering freshman includes:

. . → high school graduates
. . → those who received a GED and whose peer class has graduated high school
. . → those who are home-schooled and whose peer class has graduated high school
. . → those are entering CASC from another college with 6 hours or less

CASC welcomes students from all preparatory backgrounds. So, if you are not a high school graduate, but your high school class has graduated and you have tested with ACT, then, you are eligible for admissions to CASC. Click on the Admissions Requirements to understand how you will be evaluated in your entry coursework with CASC and then, follow the Steps in Admissions to understand how apply for admissions and enroll into classes.

As a first-time student, your admission to CASC is based on the following academic and testing measurements:


Successful Completion of the High School Curricular Requirements

First-time freshmen are required to complete the following courses from an accredited high school before enrolling in college-level courses, and are measured as deficient when an insufficient number of units are completed and required to remediate. Students who do not have the requisite number of high school courses may remediate by course enrollment or successful placement testing with ACT or COMPASS.

. . . . 4 units English  (grammar, composition, and literature)
. . . . 3 units Math  (algebra I and above)
. . . . 3 units Lab Science (may substitute principles of technology with other lab science course, no GPS)
. . . . 3 units History, Citizenship (1 unit Amer Hist; 2 units from history, gov’t, geogr, econ., or non-western culture)
. . . . 2 units Other (from any above subjects, computer science, foreign language, or any AP course)


Performance Requirement for First-Time Freshmen

First-time freshman students are required to submit standardized test scores to determine placement into English, math, science, and reading subjects. Students who are ages 20 years and younger must test with ACT (SAT acceptable) and earn a minimum 19 ACT subject test score in any subject to which they seek enrollment. Adult students (age 21 years and older) may successfully test into college-level courses through on-campus COMPASS testing.

Students are encouraged to call the testing departments on the Poteau and Sallisaw campuses to schedule a test time.

If, your minimum
ACT Subject test Score is:

Then, you may enroll in:

    19 in English ACT English 1113
    19 in Math ACT Any college level math
    19 in Reading ACT Any college level course not identified as English 1113, Math or Science
    19 in Science ACT Any freshman-level science course to which prerequisite has been met


When ACT subject or COMPASS testing is insufficient to enroll into identified college-level subjects, then remediation will be required and may be accomplished with deficiency course enrollment or retesting of ACT or COMPASS.

Contact Testing Departments:
Poteau Campus:      ACT Residual  918-647-1264;  Compass Testing: 918-647-1319
Sallisaw Campus:    ACT Residual and Compass Testing: 918-775-6977 ext 2253

Students seeking admissions to CASC should do so within one semester of their enrollment. Knowing when you plan on attending CASC gives you time to gather the required credentials and submit them for processing.  Use the following steps as a guide to your successful admissions:

Step 1.      Submit Application & Credentials

First-time freshman should submit an application and the following credentials:

. . . . 1. Application for Admissions    ◊ Online Application       ◊ Printable Admissions Application
. . . . 2. Official, final high school transcript. (Final high school transcripts will post the date of graduation, 2 terms completed in the senior year, rank, unweighted GPA, and school seal. XAP transcripts are downloaded as official copies.)
. . . . 3. Official copies of ACT Test Scores. (SAT is accepted. COMPASS is accepted for adult students who are age 21 years and older.)
. . . . 4. Official college transcript, if previously attended another college(s) as a concurrent student.
. . . . 5. Official copies of your CLEP or AP test scores.
. . . . 6. Submit or present a copy of Social Security Card to verify SSN and establish correct record.
. . . . 7. Submit or present a copy of Drivers’ License to verify identify and as one indicator of residency.

Please submit your credentials to the following college address after you have submitted your online application or along with your paper-based application to:

Carl Albert State College
Office of Admissions
1507 So McKenna
Poteau, OK    74953

Step 2.   Enroll into Classes

After application and credentials have been submitted, then first-time freshman will be sent to the Enrollment Center or a CASC advisor for assistance with enrolling into classes.

Step 3.   Visit other offices to complete admissions steps

Once students are admitted or enrolled, then student should obtain a CASC ID card and parking decal, and purchase textbooks. If appropriate, students may apply for financial aid and CASC housing early and before fully admitted and enrolled to CASC.

. . . . → Business Office                   for Parking Decal and tuition/fees statement
. . . . → Enrollment Center            for photo ID
. . . . → Viking Bookstore              for textbook purchases and supplies
. . . . → Financial Aid                      may apply for financial assistance (hint: apply early)
. . . . → Student Affairs                  may apply for housing application

Step 4.      Establish VIKECONNECT Online Account

All CASC students are expected to establish their online account called VIKECONNECT. Here, students may add classes and view their course schedule, unofficial transcript, and degree audit. CASC students receive their college mail through “online” delivery link called CASC STUDENT WEBMAIL.

Students must first be admitted and receive their CASC ID number, then, follow these directions to first, establish their VIKECONNECT account.

. . . .→ Go to CASC homepage
. . . . → Click on Quick Links > VIKECONNECT
. . .  → Click on Reset Password and follow directions

The same Username and Password established through VIKECONNECT are used to access both the CASC STUDENT WEBMAIL and BLACKBOARD web-classes software.

Step 5.      Go to Class!!!!!!

Once students enroll into classes, they are expected in the class one day one!  You can obtain a copy of your course schedule with your VIKECONNECT account, or with the Office of Admissions or college advisor.