Computer Science Department at Carl Albert State College – The Place for the Curious-Minded Student!

Computer Science Department at Carl Albert State College

The Place for the Curious-Minded Student!

Students with a keen sense of curiosity and who enjoy taking things apart to see how they work need to check out Tommy Smith’s classes at Carl Albert State College.

According to Smith, earning a degree in the field of computer science from Carl Albert can be fun and lead into good career opportunities.  Smith has taught at Carl Albert for 17 years and currently teaches Programming I and II, Animation, Photoshop, and Internet programming among other things.  He explained that his classes involve lots of problem solving and hands-on classroom work.

Regarding job potential, Smith noted, “With an associate’s degree, jobs in this region might include web administration or network administration at perhaps a school or small company.   In larger areas, even like Fort Smith, additional career opportunities exist in industry, etc.  Students with associate’s degrees can step into jobs, and if they decide to continue their education to earn a bachelor’s degree then obviously more opportunities become available to become the boss.

The computer science department has a variety of projects that students are working on right now.   For example, they are building a drone that will be ready soon.  Plus they have already built an arcade game that is in working order.  Smith shared, “The entire arcade game runs off a small computer board called a raspberry pie.   The Students are also building a skee ball game that will include three or four additional games.  This is being programmed from scratch by the students with Sketchup software.”  In other words, a degree in computer science gives those who enjoy playing games the opportunity to also build the games!

When walking into Smith’s office, there is a RepRap Printer on his desk.  Smith explained that it is a 3D printer that can actually replicate itself, so Smith can build a replica of the machine and have a second one if he decides to take on that project.  “The students are really impressed with what we can do with the 3D printer.”  The computer science department is part of the Division of Business and Technology at Carl Albert State College.  For information on degrees offered in Business and Technology, go to


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