Carroll Huggins

Regent Carroll Huggins was appointed to the Carl Albert State College Board of Regents in 2010, to serve a 7 year term ending July 1, 2024. Regent Carroll Huggins is the Director and CEO of Kibois Community Action, which provides numerous services to the rural public including Head Start programs, nutritional programs, and the largest public transportation system in Oklahoma. He lives in Stigler with his wife Lana. Huggins received his bachelor’s degree in education from Oklahoma State University in 1964. Since then, he has completed graduate work in the areas of education, business management, human relations, rural development, counseling and community action. Huggins was a teacher for Oklahoma City Public Schools until 1968. Since that time, he has worked in community action groups and rural development organizations to improve the lives of Oklahomans. Huggins has been involved in the Masonic Lodge, Jaycees, Stigler Board of Education, the Oklahoma Regional Health Planning Commission, and the Workforce Development Council. He is a member of Main Street Baptist Church. He was a Sergeant Major in the Oklahoma National Guard until 1999 when he retired from duty.