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When is Payment Due

Payment for all charges is due by the first day of class.  Students failing to make payment, set up a payment plan, or otherwise make a payment arrangement with the Business Office may be subject to being dropped from their classes and/or removed from housing. 

Five Ways to Pay

Students can pay online, in person, or by phone.

Students can utilize the Nelnet Payment System to pay balances in FULL online without having to visit the Business Office.

Poteau Campus – Hemphill Hall Room 105
Sallisaw Campus – May Center Room 8003

Poteau Business Office – (918) 647-1325
Sallisaw Business Office – (918) 775-6977

Carl Albert State College
Attn:  Business Office
1507 S. McKenna St.
Poteau, OK  74953

Students may set up a payment plan by logging in to VikeConnect.  For additional information expand the link below.

How to access VikeConnect.

Payment Plan Information

Pending Financial Aid:  This payment plan has a grace period to allow for Financial Aid to be applied to balances.  Should a balance be remaining at the end of the grace period, Nelnet will split the outstanding balance over two months (Oct & Nov in the Fall and Mar & Apr in the Spring) and deduct the payments from the account on file.

**NOTE:  It is the Student’s responsibility to ensure that all financial aid is applied and that balances are satisfied in a timely manner.**

Monthly Payments:  Students can choose to spread payments over as many as 5 payments (Early sign-up is required for extended payments or 4 or more) for the Fall and Spring Semesters and 2 payments for the Summer Semester.  Payments default to the 20th of the month but can be adjusted to fit the needs of the student by making a request in the Business Office.

Enrolling in a payment plan is easy and affordable.  Additional information can be found at



Tuition and Fee Refunds:  Students who decide not to attend MUST drop classes or completely withdrawal BEFORE the end of the drop period to receive a refund of charges.  Please refer to the Course Schedule for term specific drop dates.

Book Refunds:  Refunds are given for class changes, class cancellations, and for errors by Bookstore personnel. Refunds on all textbook purchases may be obtained if the following conditions are met:

Cash register receipt and completed change/drop form is required to obtain a refund.  Refunds will not be given if students find a cheaper book or decide they will not need the book.  It is recommended that students attend class before purchasing a textbook.

Refund period for textbooks is ten (10) days from the first day of classes for fall and spring semesters and five (5) days for the summer semester.  Only used price refund is given if refund request is over ten (10) days from date of purchase.

100% refund for textbooks in original condition and less than ten (10) days since purchase.  Textbooks must be in brand new condition and be totally free from all markings.  If they contain markings, names, or highlighting, a 75% refund will be given after the refund period expires.  Textbooks may be sold at the end of the semester during Book Buy Back.

Defective textbooks should be returned immediately for full refund or exchange.

**NOTE:  All returns are subject to the Manager’s discretion.**

Financial Aid Disbursement:
Once all documents are completed and turned in to the Financial Aid office, students will receive an Award Letter.  These amounts are applied to your charges as they are received throughout the semester.  If awarded amounts cover the cost of all charges for tuition, fees, books, housing, and meals (as applicable) and funds are remaining, students can be subject to a refund of that amount called a disbursement.

NOTE:  Please visit the Financial Aid Office for questions about Awarded Amounts. 

When will I receive my disbursement check?
Once financial aid is processed and all charges are covered, any amounts over the charges are refunded the next disbursement date.  A list of all tentative disbursement dates can be found here. 

Why did I not receive all of the amounts on my award letter?
Some types of financial aid require special handling (ex; Oklahoma’s Promise, Tribal Entities, VA, Misc. Scholarships, etc).  The Business Office may invoice the Payer for the amounts you have been awarded.  Once the funds are received back we will then process the payment and refund any overages.  If funds are sent directly to you by the Payee, it will be your responsibility to apply the amounts to your charges.

Late Fees and Collections

LATE FEE SCHEDULE: On the first business day after November 1 for the fall semester, April 1 for the spring semester, and July 10 for the summer semester, all students with an unpaid balance of then current semester tuition or mandatory fee charges will be assessed a late fee equal to 10% of the current semester unpaid tuition and mandatory fees.

COLLECTIONS:  Students with unpaid balances are subject to being sent for further collection and may be responsible for additional fees incurred.

Housing Requirements

Business Office Requirements Prior to Moving In:
students moving into housing will need to be cleared by the Business Office in order to check-in.  Housing and meals must be paid in full or placed on a payment plan prior to move-in.  A “Pending Aid” payment plan is acceptable for students balances covered by Financial Aid.

Tell Me About…

Tuition, Fees, and Payments

When is my tuition due?
Your tuition and fees for the semester are due by the first day of classes for each semester.

Is my balance still due by the first day of class if my charges will be covered by Financial Aid?
Yes, but the college provides an optional “Pending Aid” payment plan to students expecting to receive aid.  This process allows the student a grace period for aid to be applied.

PLEASE NOTE: If ANY balance is owed at the end of the grace period, regardless of financial aid status, that balance is split into two payments and deducted from the account placed on file.

Help Paying for College?

Payment Plans

Make college more affordable by paying for college over time. Payment plans break down your balance into affordable monthly payments. There’s no interest, payment options are flexible, setup fees are affordable, and it’s easy to enroll!

Payment Plan Sign-up 

What charges can be included in a payment plan?
All student charges including tuition, fees, books, housing, and meals can be included on a payment plan.

NOTE:  To be allowed to charge the cost of books to the payment plan, students must enroll with Nelnet first and bring a copy of the Payment Plan Authorization Page to the Student Bookstore.  The bookstore will process BOOK ONLY charges against your student account and the balance will be added to the payment plan and spread over the number of payments in which you are enrolled.