Enroll for Online 8-week Courses – Classes begin March 8, 2017 at Carl Albert State College

Carl Albert State College is offering online 8-week classes which begin Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

CASC Vice President for Academic Affairs Marc Willis stated, “If for any reason a student needs to take one or more 8-week classes this spring, we have high quality online classes, which are also cost efficient when considering the expense of online coursework.”  He continued, “Because our 8-week courses are becoming more and more popular with students, several of the classes we are offering are already full.   Therefore, we have decided to add more classes which will begin March 8, 2017.”  The additions include Music Appreciation, Principles of Management, American History to 1865, Medical Terminology, and Introduction to Psychology.  Other classes beginning in March that still have space available are Freshman Composition II, Information Literacy, and Ethics.

CASC Virtual Campus Coordinator Sarah Brown stated, “These 8-week classes that begin in the middle of the spring semester are a great option for a variety of reasons.  Whether a student needs to find a class or two in order to complete a degree, was too late to get in classes that began in January, is just starting a college career, or sees a class to add this semester to get a little ahead, we encourage you to enroll.”

Brown also explained, “We have students living close that take advantage of our virtual campus, but our course work is also available across the country. Because we are NC-SARA approved, we are a great option for online course work for students nationwide.”  According to Brown, the cost of a three hour online course at CASC is under $450, with books being an additional expense.

Call Sarah Brown to enroll at 918-647-1471 or email For complete 8-week course information, look on the CASC website at 


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