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What is Educational Talent Search?

Educational Talent Search (ETS) was authorized in the Higher Education Act of 1965. It is a part of the TRIO outreach programs funded by the U.S. Department of Education. TRIO programs are designed to motivate, support, and advocate for students from challenging backgrounds.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of CASC’s Educational Talent Search is to encourage and motivate program participants to successfully complete secondary school and enroll in a program of post secondary education.

To accomplish this mission, the CASC Educational Talent Search program must:
  • Provide services to improve matriculation and graduation (e.g. workshops, counseling, tutoring, career exploration, and cultural enrichment)
  • Offer assistance and guidance with ACT and SAT preparation
  • Assist participants to identify, access, and apply for financial aid and scholarships
  • Conduct college campus tours and web searches, as well as, create an understanding of the admissions process
  • Encourage goal setting and personal achievement
  • Motivate participants to enroll in a program of post-secondary education
*Two thirds of the ETS participants must meet low income / first generation eligibility requirements.


Academic Advisement
The Educational Talent Search (ETS) outreach staff conducts a variety of grade specific academic advisement workshops including: early awareness educational activities for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders; course selection; college pre-enrollment academic admission requirements for high school level participants; academic advisement workshops for the families of participants; and standardized test administration procedures. In addition, the staff makes referrals to other academic or community based dropout prevention educational programs (i.e. Upward Bound, EOC, SSS, and tutorial services).

Academic Assessments
The ETS program administers learning assessments to provide information to its participants on how they learn and study, along with information on how they feel about learning and studying. The program’s staff uses this information in conjunction with the participant’s academic transcript and target school counselor to assess the student’s educational need for program services.

Career Counseling and Assessments
The ETS outreach staff conducts career exploration, career counseling, and achievement assessment for all of its target school participants. Staff utilizes the assessments in order to assist students in identifying and evaluating their career interests.

College Entrance Exam Preparation
The ETS program provides assistance in preparing for standardized college entrance exams for its high school level participants. The ETS program provides target school participants with free standardized test preparation workshops for all of its target schools and provides test information presentation for interested parents.

College Admissions and Financial Aid Application Assistance
The ETS outreach staff provides a variety of information on post secondary education and college financial aid assistance. The staff also provides assistance to both target school participants and their parents in completing college admissions and financial aid applications. This assistance is designed to measurably increase the number of ETS participants who apply for college financial aid and successfully enroll in a program of post-secondary education.

College Visitation Tours and Cultural Trips
The ETS program provides field trips for middle and high school participants, attending ETS target schools, in order to provide them with exposure to college campuses, cultural sites and for career investigations at local industries and businesses. ETS field trips are designed to motivate participants to stay in school, graduate, and enroll in postsecondary education by showing the benefits of college campus life and increasing their awareness of the potential of higher education in successfully enriching their future lives.

The ETS outreach staff conducts any type of academic, financial, or career counseling for which its participants may express or demonstrate a need in order to increase their chances of staying in school and successfully enrolling in postsecondary education. In addition, the staff will make referrals to other supportive and social services type programs (i.e. community, government, Upward Bound, EOC, SSS, and tutorial services).