The Federal Work-Study (FWS) employment program is jointly funded by the federal government and CASC. FWS funds are limited per year. To be eligible for FWS, the student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), have financial need based on federal criteria, and be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester.

Students are limited to working a maximum of twenty (20) hours per week during periods of enrollment in which school is in session. Students wanting to work over a break will need to submit a Request for Semester Break Work form (found below). They will also need to check with their Department Supervisor to find out if that department allows students to work over breaks.

While the FWS positions are generally located on the CASC Poteau and Sallisaw campuses, there are also off campus options. Open positions will be listed below or on the bulletin board outside the Financial Aid office as they become available.

Available Positions
America Reads
Boys and Girls Club of Leflore County
Enrollment Management
Health Sciences
Power I

*Please note that hours are awarded based on the individual student’s needs and may be adjusted during the semester due to changes in their financial aid awards.*
*Eligibility does not guarantee an employment position.* Positions are available according to CASC need and funding.

More information on federal work-study can be found on the Department of Education website.

The Institutional Work-Study (IWS) program provides part-time employment opportunities to those students who may or may not be eligible for participation in the Federal Work-Study Program. The IWS positions are funded by the departments that have funds allocated for the purpose of employing students. Funds are not allocated to all departments so there are fewer positions available for this category.

Unlike the Federal Work-Study program, IWS is not based on student financial need and is not awarded by the Financial Aid office. IWS is processed through the Business Office and the department employing the student. Open positions will be listed below or on the bulletin board outside the Financial Aid office as they become available.

Available Positions

For more information regarding department hours, supervisors may contact Rená Brooks,

Student Work-Study Authorization
Request For Semester Break/Make-up Hours

Federal Work-Study Timesheet – Fall 2020
Institutional Work-Study Timesheet – Fall 2020

2019 Student Online Presentation
Policies Reviewed (print and complete)
Safety Brochure (view)
Safety Statement (print and complete)
Student Worker Code of Conduct (print and complete)
Supplemental Data Survey (print and complete)
Okla. W-4 (print and complete)
Direct Deposit (print and complete, make sure you bring a Voided Check or Verification Letter from your bank)
Marketplace Notice Letter (print and keep)
I-9 Acceptable I.D. (Must bring I.D.’s to workshop)
W4-2020 (print and complete)