Award Information


Award letters are emailed to your CASC email account. The amounts shown on the letter are based on full-time enrollment. If you are enrolled less than full-time, some awards may be altered before disbursement.

CASC assumes you accept all grants. Pell Grant and SEOG are accepted upon awarding while OTAG is accepted later in the semester when funds become available.

If you have been awarded a Direct Student Loan, you can accept, decline, or decrease the loan amounts by one of the following ways:

Online: log into the CASC VikeConnect
– Click on the Student tab
– Scroll down to Financial Aid section
– Accept Awards (you can decrease here)

On paper: print the award letter, sign, and return to the Financial Aid Office
– To decline/decrease: mark through the amounts shown
– Write in the reduced amounts you are requesting and initial each change
– Sign and date the award letter and return to the Financial Aid Office

It is your responsibility to inform the Financial Aid Office of any other outside financial assistance (ex. BIA, Voc-Rehab, etc.) you may be receiving. Failure to inform the Financial Aid Office could result in a delay or adjustment in your financial aid awards.

Your award may be revised during the year if additional resources become available to you that are not noted on your original award letter. Your award may also be revised or halted due to any kind of probation or suspension action.

Summer financial aid is awarded after the student is enrolled in summer courses.

Disbursement dates are available under Disbursement Information.