Disbursement Information


Disbursements are subject to change and will be dependent on availability of Federal Funds. Any tuition, fees, or other charges owed to CASC by the student will be deducted from their financial aid disbursement.

Loan Disbursements for first time borrowers are held for 30 days after classes begin. You will receive your disbursement in the disbursement date closest to this time frame. Please note that if you receive a loan for one semester only, your loan will be split in two disbursements. One in the disbursement date closest to the completion of your Entrance Counseling, and MPN, and one after the midpoint of the semester.

**NEW** The Business Office will no longer have paper checks. You must log in to your VikeConnect to choose whether to send your refund to your bank account via Direct Deposit, OR to your new Student ID via Herring Bank (students must have a new ID made in the Student Affairs Office).

Disbursement Dates:

Fall 2018

September 13

September 27

October 11

October 25

November 8

November 15

December 13

Spring 2019

February 14

February 28

March 14

April 4

April 17

May 9


Summer 2020







Before your awards can be disbursed, you must have received an award letter and have ALL required forms completed and turned in to the Financial Aid Office before the Document Cut-off Date.

Document Cut-off Dates:

Fall 2018

September 6

September 20

October 4

October 16

November 1

November 12

December 6

Spring 2019

February 7

February 21

March 7

March 28

April 9

May 2


Summer 2020