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Book Payment Policy

CASC students may purchase textbooks for classes by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover. A CASC Student Id Card is required for all bookstore purchases.  Students may charge textbooks and supplies to the balance of their Financial Aid award after tuition, fees, and if applicable, room and board charges have been covered. Bookstore personnel will verify the student’s Financial Aid award.  Students who are on an Academic Plan or Continued Eligibility will not be able to charge books against their financial aid until their GPA/Pace and enrollment has been verified.


Students who do not have a Financial Aid award, but have applied for Financial Aid by completing a FAFSA and have submitted the required paperwork to Financial Aid may charge textbooks only to a Promissory Note.   In order to be eligible for a Promissory Note, students must:

1)      Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online (see Financial Aid Office for assistance);
2)      Submit paperwork to the Financial Aid Office as required after completion of the FAFSA;
3)      Be eligible for some type of assistance, i.e. Pell Grant or Student Loan.

Bookstore Personnel will verify the students Financial Aid status, and complete a Promissory Note, if needed.

Students whose textbooks are paid by their employer or various agencies such as Select Hospitals, Bureau of Indian Affairs, KEDDO, WAEDA, Career Development, etc., are responsible for providing the Bookstore with a copy of their letter of approval. Charges cannot be made without this letter.

All charges, Special Billing and Financial Aid, will be available only during the first four weeks of the Fall and Spring Semester, and the first two weeks of the Summer semester.

Textbook Return Policy

Refunds are given for class changes, class cancellations, and for errors by Bookstore personnel. Refunds will not be given if a student finds a cheaper book or decides they will not need the book.

Refunds on all textbook purchases may be obtained if the following conditions are met:

*Cash register receipt and proof of class change, drop or cancellation is required to obtain a refund.
*Refund period for textbooks is ten (10) days from the first day of classes for fall and spring semesters and five (5) days for the summer semester. Only used price refund is given if refund request is over ten (10) days from date of purchase.
*100% refund for textbooks in original condition and less than ten (10) days since purchase. Textbooks must be in brand new condition and be totally free of all markings. If they contain any markings, names, or highlighting, a 75% refund will be given.
*Defective textbooks must be returned immediately for full refund or exchange.
*Refunds can be given for unopened access codes only.
*All returns are subject to the Manager’s discretion.