High school seniors and juniors are eligible for admissions with a high school GPA of 3.0 or 19 ACT composite or 980 SAT. Students are then allowed to enrollinto subjects in which the subject test score is met. Homeschooled students are considered a Junior or Senior depending on their anticipated secondary school completion (no longer age based). Concurrent students must submit the following credentials as an enrollment bundle:

  1. Concurrent Enrollment Application Packet for New Students  (click here for paper Application)
  2. Permissions Form
  3. High school transcript
  4. High School Course Schedule
  5. ACT (PreACT, National, or Residual) Test results, or SAT (PSAT 10 or National)
  6. Secondary evaluation is available with ACCUPLACER (students must first meet admissions standards with ACT or SAT)

Students may test with the Residual one time per academic year. (click here for more information on Concurrent Enrollment and Application Packet for New Students).

Students who have not graduated from high school whose composite standard score on the ACT (without the writing component) or whose combined critical reading and mathematical score on the SAT (without the writing component) places them at the 99th percentile of all students using Oklahoma norms, may apply for full enrollment at CASC. However, CASC will determine the student’s admissibility based on test scores, maturity level and ability to function in the adult college environment, and whether the experience will be in the best interest of the student intellectually and socially. The ACT and SAT 99th Percentile Scores are 32 ACT and 1450 SAT (after March 5, 2016) or 1410 (prior to Match 5, 2016).