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The office of Telecommunication and Information Systems is committed to the integrity and security of all CASC hardware, software, and data. We will coordinate our procedures and policies to meet the requirements of Oklahoma state law. All computer systems, software, and data created or hosted by CASC is the property of CASC and can be accessed and retrieved when necessary, and is subjected to the policies, procedures, and best practices found in the CASC policy document:

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Illegal peer to peer file sharing and Downloading:

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), signed into law in 1998, recognizes that digital transmission of works adds complexity to the Copyright Law. The DMCA provides non-profit educational institutions with some protections if individual members of the community violate the law. However, for Carl Albert State College to maintain this protection we must immediately block access to infringing material, whenever it is brought to our attention and whether or not the individual who is infringing has received notice, or is aware of their infringement. Universities and individuals can be subject to the imposition of substantial damages for copyright infringement incidents relating to the use of College network services. In a civil action, the individual infringes may be liable for either actual damages or statutory damages of up to $30,000 and can be increased to up to $150,000 if the court finds the infringement was willful. Individual infringes may be subject to criminal prosecution. Criminal penalties include up to ten years imprisonment depending on the nature of the violation.

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