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Power 1

Carl Albert State College
1507 S. McKenna
Poteau, OK 74953
Johnson Center, Room HH 130

Contact Ramona Smith, Program Director 
Phone: 918-647-1291, 918-647-1292
Fax : 918-647-1293
E-mail: rgsmith@carlalbert.edu

Mission Statement

To facilitate the educational process of an unemployed workforce and to locate employment opportunities for this same clientele. Carl Albert State College partners with the Department of Human Services, Workforce Oklahoma, Area Healthcare Facilities, Kibois Area Transit System and others to make POWER I a successful and accessible program for those who qualify.

The Program . . .

Offers employers a chance to know their employees before they hire them through the Power I internship program.

Power I continues to provide support to you and the employee even after job placement. The program provides employers with a record of the student’s attendance and reliability history. The program can assist employers in gaining tax incentives for hiring qualified applicants.

A World of Opportunity
Below is a partial list of training offered by the POWER I program. Education in these areas helps enhance our clients’ employability.

* Internships

* Resume Writing

* Employer/Employee Relationship Workshops

* Workplace Etiquette Workshop

Assistance is also available to our clients for:

Financial Aid Application Assistance

College Entry Guidance

Vocation Education Guidance

Job Placement Assistance

Short-term Training

Do you want to participate in the Power I Program or need an employee?
Contact Ramona Smith, Program Director.
Phone: 918-647-1291, 918-647-1292
Fax : 918-647-1293
E-mail: rgsmith@carlalbert.edu