Scott Tuck – Success at Carl Albert State College

Scott Tuck – Success at Carl Albert State College

Scott Tuck is looking forward to the completion of summer clinicals, because that is what stands between him and taking the licensure test to begin his career as a Physical Therapist Assistant PTA).

Tuck is from Mansfield, Arkansas and the son of Sheridan and Paula Tuck.  He just graduated from Carl Albert State College this spring, and explained how he ended up in PTA school.  “I came to Carl Albert after I had been laid off from Whirlpool and had always wanted to be a PTA. I had friends that had gone to Carl Albert, and they told me it was a great institution where I would be able to learn from some great teachers who were respected in their profession. The teachers made the classes fun, and it was an enjoyable learning experience.”

Clinicals play a big part in the PTA program, and Tuck enjoyed that aspect of his time in the program.   “There were many patients that I treated while in class and on my clinicals that were really fun to work with. Each clinical was a great learning experience with some surprises, but also some great patients that I was able to treat and help get back to normal life as they knew it.”

When asked if he had any advice for future CASC students in the PTA program, Tuck stated, “The way to succeed in these classes is basically to study, study and study. The classes are extremely challenging, so I always made sure to set some time each day to study so I could keep it fresh on my mind.  It is very difficult to be a last-second studier in this major.”


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