Residential Parking:

Residential housing students must obtain a residential parking permit will allow residential housing students to park in the dorm parking lots.  

Students who obtain a residential housing sticker must park only in residential parking lots.  

Commuter Parking:

Commuter students must obtain a commuter parking permit, this permit will allow students to park in any on campus parking during normal operating hours. 

Commuter students may park in residential parking during visiting hours only.   

To obtain a parking permit students must visit the office of student affairs, and fill out a parking permit form. 
Students will need their drivers license, vehicle description, and vehicle tag information.  

Students can obtain a “Viking Card” student ID from the Student Affairs office. 

Students have the option of using their Viking ID card as a bankcard through Herring Bank, or using their card as just an ID Card. 

Students who choose to use their ID Card as a bank card will create a secure bank account through Herring Bank, a partner of CASC. 

Students who do use Herring Bank will receive disbursements, and refunds directly to their Herring Bank Account, and can use their Viking ID card as a Debit card. 

Students who do not use a Herring Bank Account, will establish a direct deposit to their own personal bank account.

Students can also use their Viking ID cards at local businesses who have partnered with CASC to offer Student discounts and promotions. 

To obtain a Student ID Card students must visit the office of student affairs, and request a Viking ID Card. Students first Viking ID cards are free, however a replacement card will cost $4. Students who will not use a herring bank account will need to bring their own bank account information to create a direct deposit setup.