Student Affairs

The purpose of the Office of Student Affairs is to offer each student an opportunity to achieve educational goals while providing a variety of personal development experience.  This office is concerned with the overall quality of life and welfare of students.  The various components of the Office of Student Affairs is to relate to the college’s mission and educational philosophy by contributing to the cultural, intellectual, physical, and social development of it students.

Among the programs and services provided are athletics, career planning, job placement, counseling, academic advisement, student government, special events, student activities, recreation, intramural sports, and residential living.

The Student Handbook sets forth the various regulations and guidelines on student conduct as adopted by Carl Albert State College Board of Regents.  It is the responsibility of the Office of Student Affairs to administer these regulations.  CASC Viking Card may be obtained in this office.

The Vice President of Student Affairs is committed to the improvement of the quality of life for students and to the enhancement of their competencies as productive citizens.  The office advocates responsible behavior, supports learnings, and promotes the attainment of personal and cultural goals through various activities.


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