Spring 2018 Sallisaw Textbook list


Sallisaw Bookstore

The CASC Bookstore is owned and operated by Carl Albert State College.  We proudly provide the following products and services to the CASC community.

    1. Textbooks and required supplies for all courses offered on campus and via web.
    2. Snacks and drinks.
    3. CASC logo apparel and gifts
    4. Educational and office supplies
    5. Graduation items, including caps/gowns and announcements
    6. Study materials including Quickstudy.

The Sallisaw Campus Bookstore is located inside the main entrance of the Mayo Center.  The phone number is 918-775-6977.

Students are required to provide their class schedule and student ID, when purchasing textbooks and supplies.


Payment Options

The Sallisaw Bookstores accept cash, personal checks, and major credit cards.

Students who receive FAFSA (Pell, Student Loans, other grants), may charge their textbooks to their award, if they have been  awarded and have turned in all required documents to the CASC Financial Aid Office.  The awards the student will receive must exceed the charges they will incur (Tuition, Fees, and Campus Housing/Meals – if applicable).  The Bookstore personnel will verify the students’ financial aid award, and calculate the remaining balance to be used for textbooks.

Another option for students is “3rd Party Billing”.  This is when the students’ employer or other organization agrees to purchase the students’ textbooks.  For 3rd Party Billing, the student is required to present a letter stating the business or organization will accept billing for the students’ textbooks.

The NelNet Payment plan has several payment plan options.  Contact Bookstore Personnel to determine the best option for your needs.

More information about the NelNet Payment Plan can be found on the students Vike Connect Account.




Refund Policy

Cash register receipt is required for all textbook and merchandise returns.

The refund period for textbooks, is 10 days from the date of purchase, or by the end of the drop/add period, whichever is first.  Add/Drop for the Fall/Spring Semesters is the first 10 days of class and for the Summer Semester, it is the first 5 days of class.

 Refund on all textbook purchases may be obtained if the following conditions are met:

    1. Verification student is no longer enrolled in course or proof of class cancellation
    2. If a student is given an incorrect textbook, return the book to the store immediately for an exchange.
    3. New textbooks must be in brand new condition and totally free of all markings.  If the book contains any markings, names, or highlighting, the refund allowance will be based on the used-book purchase price.
    4. Defective products must be returned immediately for full refund or exchange.
    5. All regularly priced merchandise in original condition may be returned within 10 days of purchase for a full refund.  Clearance sale items are non- returnable.
    6. Online order shipping costs are non-refundable.
    7. If the incorrect textbook is mailed due to an error on our part, notify the Bookstore immediately and a call-pick-up ticket will be issued for the incorrect textbook and full credit will be given.
    8. Refunds can be given for unused, and unopened access codes only.

Refunds will NOT be given if a student finds a cheaper textbook or decides they do not want the textbook.


Book Buy Back

During finals week of each semester, the Poteau and Sallisaw’s Bookstore hosts a Book Buy Back. Buy Back is a service provided for students that allows them an opportunity to turn some of their textbooks into CASH.  Dates of the Book Buy Back will be posted on the CASC website and on posters around campus, approximately two weeks prior to the Buy Back.

Buy Back Policy

    1. A receipt is NOT required to sell textbooks.
    2. Textbooks that will be used the following semester may be sold for 50% of the new textbook price, and 30% of a used textbook price.
    3. Lab books, workbooks, or any textbook with excessive writing/highlighting, cannot be purchased.
    4. Textbooks that have additional materials listed (CD’s, DVD’s, study guides) MUST accompany the textbook.  Missing items may result in a reduced price or no value for the textbook.
    5. Limited quantities for each textbook will be purchased, and quantities may be filled before the end of the Buy Back Session.
    6. Prices and titles are subject to change before, and throughout the Buy Back Session.
    7. Books must be in good, resalable condition.  Buy Back Personnel reserves the right to reduce the Buy Back price due to condition of textbooks.
    8. Books with excessive damage, torn or water stained pages or missing pages or covers  will not be repurchased.

The Bookstore attempts to purchase as many textbooks as possible; however, there are conditions that prevent the bookstore from purchasing all textbooks. These conditions may include one or more of the following:

    1. The instructor has discontinued use of the textbook for one or more reasons.  In this instance, the textbook will no longer be used on  campus.
    2. The bookstore is overstocked and does not have the demand to purchase that particular textbook.
    3. A new edition of the textbook is available from the publisher, and the instructor has chosen to update to the new edition.
    4. The textbook is not in r-esaleable condition, therefore it cannot be purchased for the bookstore.

Textbooks meeting conditions listed above may be purchased at a wholesale price.  Bookstore employees will check this opportunity.