Meet Dr. Joe E. White

Dr. Joe E. White

The library at the CASC Poteau campus bears the name “Joe E. White Library” and inside is an area that honors his legacy at the College.

Dr. Joe E. White, a visionary leader in Oklahoma education, became president of Carl Albert State College in 1975.  Dr. White masterfully steered the college through many years of growth.  He transformed the small two-building Poteau campus of 1975 into a thriving educational center containing the most modern technological advances.  The Carl Albert State College campuses at Poteau and Sallisaw are the crown jewels of eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas.   They will continue to thrive and function for many years because of Dr. White’s futuristic vision.  Dr. White was one of the founding presidents of the E. T. Dunlap Center in McCurtain County.  His innovative leadership led to the development and implementation of Web based courses and the University Center.  The Carl Albert State College family, as well as the communities that they serve, wish to thank Dr. Joe E. White for his many years of dedication to this country, state, community, and especially to this magnificent college.

Upon Dr. White’s retirement from CASC in 2007, he relocated to Edmond, Oklahoma and pursued his interest in the oil and gas business, creating White Energy LLC.  His experience in this field began at the age of 13 on his parent’s farm in Grady County, Oklahoma.  Growing up on White Farms, Dr. White was taught by his parents, Charlie and Cleo White, about seismic processes and negotiating.  In 1948 Dr. White was able to negotiate seismic exploration blasting prices on White Farms from $15 a blast to $25 a blast.  These experiences initiated Dr. Whites interest in the oil and gas business.  Production revenue from White Farms helped provide for Dr. White’s college education.  In 1982 he inherited White Farms’ mineral interest and continued purchasing mineral interests throughout eastern Oklahoma.  Today, White Energy LLC has mineral interests in 14 Oklahoma counties.

On June 20, 2013, Dr. White was inducted into the CASC Hall of Fame.  According to Dr. White, it was on the White Farms that he learned the importance of hard work and the need for a great education.  Dr. White’s success began when he embraced the desire to pursue his education and make for himself and others a better life.

To learn more about Dr. White, click the following link to view his Wikipedia page .