Student Support Services Meets and/or Exceeds Goals in 2015-2016

Student Support Services Meets and/or Exceeds Goals in 2015-2016

The Carl Albert State College Student Support Services (SSS) program recently released their 2015-2016 Annual Performance Report.  The results showed the program met and/or exceeded goals for the year.

SSS Coordinator/Counselor Kim Hughes stated, “I​ am excited to share our SSS graduation, retention, academic standing and transfer results.”

The program was funded for and served 285 students.  The graduation goal was 35% and the program attained a graduation rate of 50.41%.

Regarding retention, the goal was 60%, and the program attained an 82.11% rate.  For good academic standing, SSS’s goal was 80%, but they finished with a much higher rate of 94.39% in good academic standing.

The goal of 15% was set for students to transfer on to continue their education.  The actual rate was 27.27%.

SSS participants served are low income and/or first generation college students. Students with disabilities can also be served by the SSS program. SSS offers many services to the participants including tutoring, academic/personal/career counseling, workshops, transfer trips, success classes, etc.

SSS is one of the TRIO programs housed at Carl Albert State College, and is funded 100% by the U.S. Department of Education.  The program budget is $435,980 serving 285 students.

Hughes explained, “Our program’s success is due to the accomplishments of our students. We are pleased to be making an obviously difference in the lives of the SSS participants.”

For more information about SSS, call 918-647-1368.



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