Students Planning to Attend Carl Albert State – Apply for a Pell Grant NOW!

Students Planning to Attend Carl Albert State –  Apply for a Pell Grant NOW!

For students planning to attend Carl Albert State College this fall, an important step is to apply for a Pell Grant using the 2014-2015 FAFSA form. CASC Financial Aid Director Robin Benson stated, “I strongly encourage all students to apply for Pell as soon as possible in order to know their eligibility for fall. The earlier you know your status with Pell, the sooner you can determine what your out of pocket expenses might be for college.” She went on to explain, “The Pell Grant is federally funded and can be used by itself, or combined with other grants and/or scholarships.”  A student may get a full Pell Grant, or a percentage of Pell based on the determination of need and their enrollment. Therefore, Pell might cover a student’s entire cost of attending Carl Albert, or perhaps a part of the cost if eligible.

Benson explained that some students can also apply for a Pell Grant to help with summer classes at Carl Albert. “With new financial aid regulations, most students can only use Pell funding for the fall and spring semesters. However, first time students can fill out the 2013-2014 FAFSA form, and if eligible then receive Pell funding to help with the cost of attending Carl Albert in the summer. High school seniors graduating this spring are a prime example of first time students. Even if these students took concurrent college classes in high school, this summer will be the first time they are attending college as only college students – not also high school students.”

Benson concluded, “The sooner the better when it comes to applying for Pell. Contact the financial aid office at the Poteau or Sallisaw campus and let us help you.”  The phone number for financial aid at Poteau is 918-647-1343, and the Sallisaw number is 918-775-6977.



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