Take College Classes at Carl Albert State College While Still in High School!

Take college classes at Carl Albert State College while still in high school –  Seniors may qualify for waived tuition on up to 12 hours!                                                      


Taking college classes at Carl Albert State College while still in high school is a great way for students to get a head start on their college career, and enrollment for the spring semester for concurrent classes begins Thursday, November 7, 2013.  To make the opportunity even more rewarding, 12th graders in an Oklahoma high school who are Oklahoma residents can apply for a Tuition Waiver for a maximum of 6 hours per semester their senior year. The waiver covers tuition with students responsible for fees, books, and other related education expenses of taking the classes.

According to Jay Falkner, CASC Director of Enrollment and Retention, “We highly encourage high school students and their parents to visit with their high school counselors and/or with Carl Albert enrollment advisors or CASC recruiters to learn more about what a wonderful opportunity concurrent classes can be for high school students.”  Falkner continued, “And in addition, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) guidelines regarding high school students taking college classes actually state that high school juniors can enroll in college courses, however their tuition is not waived.  All this to say – a student could have many hours of college course work out of the way before ever graduating from high school, and save money because tuition can be waived on 12 hours the student’s senior year.”

Grade point averages and ACT scores are taken into account regarding concurrent enrollment. The number of classes a high school student can take is also set under the OSRHE guidelines whether those classes are in the summer, during an academic semester, or an accelerated college course.

Call Carl Albert State College at 918-647-1393 to learn more about concurrent opportunities and how to enroll for classes. Full details regarding concurrent classes at Carl Albert are available at in the dropdown box titled admissions.

CASC media release – November 6, 2013


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