Tarra Griffin – Success at Carl Albert State College

Tarra Griffin – Success at Carl Albert State College

Tarra Griffin is a May 2015 graduate of Carl Albert State College.  She earned an AAS degree in the Physical Therapist Assistant program.

Tarra, daughter of William and Regina Walker, is from Mansfield, Arkansas. She will complete summer clinical rotations, take her licensure test, and then hopes to find a job in a pediatric or outpatient facility.

“I have great memories with my fellow classmates. I also gained wonderful experience treating patients in my clinical rotations and at class.”  She continued, “Carl Albert State College is less expensive than many colleges, and the smaller classes are good because they allow students to have more one on one time with instructors. I know this from experience because I started college elsewhere and then transferred to CASC.  I am really glad I ended up at Carl Albert.  Tarra concluded, “My advice for students attempting to get in the program is to take your prerequisite courses seriously. And I highly encourage future students of the program to study on a daily basis in order to succeed.”


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