The Hughes Family – Success at Carl Albert State College!

The Hughes Family – Success at Carl Albert State College!

Emily Hughes had choices when it came to where to attend college, but with her family fully entrenched in Carl Albert State College, why would she go elsewhere!

In many regards, Emily is following the successful footsteps of her parents.  Both Steve and Kim Hughes were students at CASC, and just as Emily has been for the past two years, both parents were in the Scholars Program.   Steve is a member of the CASC faculty teaching physical science and chemistry; and Kim is the Student Support Services coordinator and a counselor at Carl Albert.  Emily plans to pursue a career path centered in education as well.

Emily is a Poteau High graduate, and now that she is finishing at Carl Albert, she is transferring to NSU.  “I’m going to be one of the first Carl Albert State College students to do the “Smart Choice” program.   This allows me to get my degree in Elementary Education at NSU while taking classes online and/or at Carl Albert campus locations.   By doing this, I don’t have to move, and will only have a few times that it will be necessary to go to NSU’s campus.”

The decision to take part in the NSU program just became more exciting for Emily and her family with the announcement that she is receiving a $4000 per year scholarship to NSU.    She stated, “I went to Carl Albert on scholarship, was successful, and now based on that success I am going to attend NSU on scholarship.  This is definitely exciting news!”

Steve is a Poteau High graduate, and Kim is from Oktaha.  Kim stated, “To be honest, I did not even know where Poteau was when I first came. I had applied and was accepted to several colleges and universities but nothing seemed right and I couldn’t decide what to do. Ironically, my mom saw an advertisement for the Scholars Program.  I guess the rest is history!”  Both Steve and Kim completed degrees at CASC, then at OU, and then both earned their master’s degrees from NSU.

Kim feels today’s Scholars Program has a greater emphasis on social responsibility and volunteering with the community.  “CASC Scholars Program has been and continues to be a great place for students to develop their leadership skills and prepare for their future. ​It made a huge impact on my life, and I believe it has for Emily as well.”  Steve shared, “I attended CASC because it was close to home and with the Scholar’s Program scholarship the first two years were extremely reasonable.  We came back to Poteau and CASC because of family in the area, and we wanted to raise our family in the small town atmosphere with the tradition and values that are here.”

Kim stated, “Carl Albert will always hold a special place in the hearts of our family.  As a first generation college student, I was scared to death and very unsure if I even had what it would take to get a degree and become a professional.  I was blessed that several people at CASC took me under their wing, encouraging and helping (sometimes pushing and prodding) me along the way. They gave me a great foundation and I hope to give that same experience to my children and my students.​”

Emily shared, “During my time at Carl Albert, I have been involved in Students with a Testimony (SWAT), Student Government, Viking Ambassadors, Vikes Club, Phi Theta Kappa, and several other organizations.” She went on, “I love Carl Albert State College!   It has been such a fun experience for me.   I met some lifelong friends as well as learned from some of the best instructors in the world.  I believe Carl Albert State College has totally changed my outlook on learning, and prepared me for the future.”



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