Transfer Students

Transfer students have previously attended another college and earned 7 college hours or more. Transfer students must submit the following credentials with their application (Poteau Campus 918-647-1302 or Sallisaw Campus 918-775-6977). Please submit:

  1. Application for Admissions     (Online Application || Paper Application)
  2. Driver’s License and Social Security Card
  3. Official transcripts from all colleges attended
  4. Official high school transcript and test scores may be required when student transfers with less than 24 college hours, or when deficiencies or prerequisites have not been completed
  5. Students may enroll with unofficial transcript, but, may not re-enroll in the next term until the official transcript(s) are received and may be withdrawn prior to classes should an official not be provided.  Financial Aid can not be processed without an official transcript on record. Transfer students who have not taken a college-level orientation course previously may enroll in the LIB or Library research course for orientation credit.

Courses from another college transfer to CASC based on if the transfer institution is regionally accredited, a comparable course is found equivalent in the CASC College Catalog, or an established equivalency is found on the State Regents for Higher Education Course Equivalency Table or other established college equivalency table (click here for more explanation on Transfer of Credits TBA).

Returning Students

Students re-enrolling with CASC after one semester or longer absence should complete the Re-Admission Application to update records (address, cell phone, residency, etc). Former CASC students may submit the Readmissions Application and any test scores or other college transcripts completed since last attending CASC. Enrollment recommended with their academic advisor or through self-enrollment with VIKECONNECT. • 
Readmissions Application