Trey Garner – Keynote speaker at CASC Lunchbox Lecture – Receives CASC degree by Reverse Transfer

Trey Garner – Keynote speaker at Carl Albert State College Lunchbox Lecture

Receives CASC degree by way of Reverse Transfer

Trey Garner was the keynote speaker at the recent Carl Albert State College Lunchbox Lecture.

Garner is in his third season as an Account Executive with the NWA Naturals baseball team.   He grew up just outside of Spiro, Oklahoma and started his college career at Carl Albert. Just shy of enough hours to graduate at CASC, Garner transferred to Oklahoma State University to major in Sports Media.

Garner shared information regarding careers in sports with the crowd on hand that was made up primarily of CASC athletes.   He explained that he got his foot in the door with the Naturals by first serving as an unpaid intern, then as a paid intern.  “There are many opportunities to be part of a team outside of being one of the players, but getting one of those jobs is very competitive.”

In addition to Garner being the keynote speaker, CASC Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Jason Morrison was on hand to present Garner with his degree from Carl Albert State College.   Dr. Morrison explained to the crowd that through reverse transfer Garner was receiving his CASC degree.  “Students sometimes start with us and for whatever reason end up transferring prior to graduating at Carl Albert.   Any student with at least 15 credit hours at CASC can transfer hours back to us from another college or university and we can award their CASC degree.   As in Trey’s case, he only lacked a class or two graduating at CASC.”

CASC Associate Vice President of Student Life Randy Graves stated, “In visiting with Trey and his parents, Pat and Heather Garner, we learned that graduating from Carl Albert State College is somewhat a family tradition.  Trey’s brother graduated from CASC, and Heather stated she also graduated from CASC as a member of the Scholars Program.”

For information regarding how to reverse transfer, contact the CASC Enrollment Center at 918-647-1393.


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